Facebook Antitrust lawsuit

Publication Date: 2021/06/16 3:02 pm

The American economy is a complicated machine, and there is rarely one philosophy or idea that everyone agrees is intrinsically important to keep it going. However, there is one notion that is nearly universal in its agreed-upon importance and that is the value of competition. Competition between companies is said to fuel innovation, creativity, and perhaps most important to many, to create an incentive to make goods/services as affordable as possible.

Former Tesla Engineer Defamation Case

Publication Date: 2021/06/14 2:47 pm

We have recently seen proof that Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s words – or at least his tweets – can move mountains. He tweeted about the price of cryptocurrency and the price rose and fell on his musings. He tweeted about the market and mobilized his followers to buy a certain stock. His words have weight, and when they are employed against you, you could possibly suffer.

Disney Lawsuit Over Equal Pay

Publication Date: 2021/05/03 1:59 pm

The #metoo movement specifically addressed the horrors of sexual harassment, particularly in work-related settings. The ubiquity of the movement drew attention to a number of issues related to gender inequity in society. A frequent topic is the gender pay gap, and a discovery related to one of the world’s largest corporations may have a far-reaching impact on closing the gender pay gap.

What Happens to Users' Data when Agencies Subpoena Firms?

Publication Date: 2021/04/29 1:44 pm

It is an unparalleled convenience, the ability to get information about a location on the fly while driving. There is no easier way to find a gas station when you are in an unknown city or a snack when you are hungry.

Amazon Accused by New York Attorney General of Neglecting to Protect Workers during Pandemic

Publication Date: 2021/04/26 11:44 am

The appearance of COVID-19 and its spread throughout the world have caused many problems for businesses and individuals around the globe. With little information about the novel disease at the start of the pandemic, companies had to decide how best to protect their workforce while still remaining productive, if that was even possible

What Happened to Chloe?

Publication Date: 2021/03/18 2:09 pm

Vegan chain By Chloe is a popular restaurant known for its tasty meatless dishes served at 14 locations across the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Featuring items like The Guac Burger, made with a black bean quinoa sweet potato patty, and tofu Fish and Chips, food items are tasty and reasonably priced.

GM’s New Logo

Publication Date: 2021/03/15 1:53 pm

Automotive giant General Motors introduced a new logo in January 2021.

Consumer Passwords & Passcodes

Publication Date: 2021/03/12 1:46 pm

As technology continues to make our lives easier and more convenient, it also is raising a set of questions and concerns about consumer privacy and individual legal rights. One of the more significant questions involves passwords and passcodes, especially when it comes to our phones

Weighing the benefits of Section 230

Publication Date: 2021/02/09 10:22 am

NCAA Appeal - Athletes Pay

Publication Date: 2021/01/14 1:32 pm

Shawne Alston was a member of the football team at West Virginia University. He was an integral member of the team, yet after graduation, he felt as if he had not been helped enough by an institution that profited from his labor. As a result, Alston sued the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) in 2014 for violation of antitrust laws. The suit alleged that the NCAA had an unlawful monopoly on competition in collegiate sports and unfairly limited the schools’ ability to compensate athletes for their participation in college sports. Two lower courts held in favor of Alston, and each time the NCAA appealed the decision. Currently, the Supreme Court has agreed to hear the NCAA's appeal over its control over student-athlete compensation.