Areas of Practice

Business Litigation and Counseling

Tickner McCliman, APC assists clients with their business legal needs, including litigation and counseling, in both State and Federal court. Such matters range from disputes involving shareholders, partners, business structure and internal matters. The firm has experience in assisting clients with disputes with third parties involving individuals and businesses in matters of trade libel, defamation, interference with contracts or business relationships, and other general business matters such as corporate dissolution matters, breach of contract, breach of warranties, fraud, and breach of fiduciary duties. Tickner McCliman, APC prides itself in working closely with the client to develop a strategy directed at meeting the client’s goals in a cost-effective manner.

Employment Litigation and Counseling

Tickner McCliman, APC counsels and represents employers and employees in all areas of labor and employment, including wage and hour, discrimination, harassment, ADA accommodation, and wrongful termination claims. Tickner McCliman, APC handles matters in all venues, including Labor Board, EDD, DFEH, EEOC, State an Federal Court and binding arbitration, as well as class actions. The firm also assists and advises clients on employee policy, discipline and employee manuals - including assisting in drafting or updating the manuals. We have acted as a liaison to investigate harassment claims and provide a report of its findings to the employer’s board of directors. Ms. Tickner provides in house seminars for employers to ensure that employees are compliant with mandatory supervisor harassment training deadlines.

Environmental and Toxic Tort Litigation

Tickner McCliman, APC handles environmental/toxic tort litigation matters, including code enforcement and health and safety code violations, LARSO and rent control violations and housing code violations. We also handle cases involving claims of mold, lead, asbestos, benzene, and other toxic exposures in conjunction with Landlord-Tenant Habitation claims and litigation.

Habitation/Landlord-Tenant Litigation and Counseling

Tickner McCliman, APC provides legal counsel to and represents clients in habitation and landlord-tenant matters, including litigation in both State and Federal Court and multi-party/class action matters. We handle cases involving housing, building and safety and health code violations, LARSO and other rent control violations, pest control, mold, lead, asbestos, and other claimed toxic exposures as part of our habitation/landlord-tenant litigation practice. With a proven track record of successfully resolving complex, multi-party matters where possible and successfully litigating them when necessary, Tickner McCliman, APC brings unmatched legal skills and experience to the table in this area of law.

HOA and Property Management

At Tickner McCliman, APC we handle litigation, mediation, arbitration and ADR/IDR matters for homeowner’s associations and property management companies. Our track record of litigation success combined with a unique ability to bring parties to resolution in mediation and/or IDR settings is well-known and unmatched. HOA matters are generally regarded as highly challenging given the need for specialized knowledge of the Davis-Stirling Act and California HOA law in general, combined with conflicts which are sometimes present among Boards, Members and Property Management companies. With our proven record of successful results in the Courtroom, arbitration, mediation and IDR, Tickner McCliman, APC is the firm you need for all of your HOA and/or Property management matters.

Intellectual Property Litigation and Counseling

Tickner McCliman, APC’s litigation and counseling practice covers all aspects of intellectual property law, including, trademarks, trade dress, copyrights, trade secrets, patents, and unfair competition. We strive to diligently protect our clients’ interests in all phases of litigation. We also work with our clients to determine the best way to obtain and protect their intellectual property, including counseling clients regarding their intellectual property issues in an effort to avoid litigation. Tickner McCliman, APC prides itself in obtaining or defending against preliminary injunctions, obtaining or defending against summary judgment motions, negotiating favorable settlements, or representing its clients in litigation and alternative dispute resolution proceedings. Part of Tickner McCliman, APC’s counseling practice focuses on representing or assisting clients with intellectual property transfers and protecting its clients’ intellectual property. Ms. McCliman is a frequent speaker and author in this area of law.

Mediation and Arbitration Services

Tickner McCliman, APC provides mediation and arbitration services, including binding arbitration, offering creative solutions for matters which have been written off as intractably headed to litigation or trial, or where the parties have been hopelessly unable to make progress toward resolution. By way of thorough preparation, attention to detail and applying 20+ years of considerable litigation, trial and arbitration experience, we have the unique tools to find a path forward on any matter even when everyone has given up. With Tickner McCliman, APC you get a mediator who never gives up working to find a solution for your legal matter, and we believe parties deserve nothing less. We handle mediations and arbitrations across a wide variety of practice areas, including labor and employment, intellectual property, trademark, copyright and trade secret, environmental, toxic tort, landlord-tenant, habitational, personal injury and general business litigation.

Trade Secret Litigation and Counseling

Ms. McCliman counsels clients in developing a trade secret protection plan that meets the client’s goals. To that end, the firm will listen to the client’s needs and budgetary constraints in order to obtain the most protection possible within the client’s constraints. In addition, Tickner McCliman, APC has successfully and satisfactorily represented clients in trade secret litigation. We use our experience in trade secret, intellectual property, business, and employment areas to counsel its clients regarding protecting against trade secret misappropriation by current and former employees. Ms. McCliman is a frequent speaker and author in this area of law.

Trademark and Copyright Prosecution and Counseling

Tickner McCliman, APC assists in conducting searches of trademark and copyright databases to determine the trademarkability or the copyrightability of the clients’ marks/ideas. In addition, we can assist in monitoring or searching for potential infringers of its clients’ intellectual property. Tickner McCliman, APC also provides counseling to clients about their branding, and assists clients with intellectual property licensing or assignments. Ms. McCliman is a frequent speaker and author in this area of law.

Unfair Competition Litigation

Tickner McCliman, APC assists clients in prosecuting or defending against an unfair competition claim – whether as part of a general litigation matter or as part of a business/intellectual property/trade secret dispute.